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Friendship City

Friendship City

It is 2058. NVCPD detective Nick Garvey and Lenora Allison, President of the battered and reeling United States, are battling the many remaining remnants of the murderous World Council. They must confront the forced introduction of a killer plague and the destruction of the newly created Friendship City.

President Allison succeeded in her fight to destroy the first plague only to learn a second more deadly one was imminent.

Ishmael, the mysterious new leader of the World Council, has decided to destroy Friendship City, an autonomous joining of Brownsville, Texas, and Matamoros. Mexico.

President Allison calls Nick to fly from Houston, where his daughter is recovering from a coma, to the White House to help in the fight.

Can the second plague be destroyed? Why is Friendship City spiraling into chaos? Can Ishmael be destroyed?

Nick wrestles to find Ishmael but Ishmael finds him first. Capturing Nick, President Allison, Nick's family, and all others in his way, he forces them to sit in a circle, surrounded by rifles.

Ishmaerl starts his countdown.

FRIENDSHIP CITY —Hanging By A Thread

The SEQUEL to SUNDOWN -- Publish in august, 2021

Brownsville and Matamoros had both been targets of the killer thugs loyal to the World Council. They petitioned both their governments to grant autonomy which would allow them to join forces to better protect their citizens. The petition was granted and autonomy recognized on 05/14/2057. Friendship City needed to incorporate their own set of guiding principals. Citizens of the city, of all political persuasions, agreed on an initial set of principals to be voted upon eighteen months after the city’s autonomy. The initial set of ten is modeled after the Bill Of Rights set forth in the constitution of the United States. It was felt that their guidelines should embrace the concept of some responsibility on the part of those receiving some benefits. This group of principals is called the…



Before Friendship City is submitted for publication, readers of this email or web page will be considered citizens and can submit additional BORO entries. Many of these will be chosen and incorporated into both the paperback and the ebook version with notice of submission credit referencing the submitter. BORO entries submitted after publication submission will be saved for inclusion in the next novel in the series.

Send your BORO by clicking to the BORO SUBMIT page. The current list of BORO entries can be reviewed by clicking to the INITIAL BORO page where you will see the current set of entries as they will be listed in the last chapter of Friendship City.